Hyperspectral Imaging Software

Hyperspectral Calibration and Analysis Software

The Hyperspectral Calibration and Analysis Software software is a hyperspectral imaging software to analyze hyperspectral data, create a Partial-Least  Squares (PLS) calibration or a Science-Based Calibration (SBC), and use the calibration to predict new data.

Hyperspectral Calibration and Analysis Software Features

  • pseudo-RGB display of hyperspectral image
  • interactive spectral display
  • export single spectra, or average spectra from an elliptical region in the image
  • SBC calibration from pure component spectra and noise estimates
  • PLS calibration from a set of known sample images
  • Pre-processing techniques
    • SNV correction
    • wavelength range selection
    • derivatives
  • prediction image display
  • interactive prediction image profile plots
  • prediction image averaging
  • ability to export calibration for use with Real-time Prediction Engine Software


hyperspectral imaging software The Hyperspectral Calibration and Analysis Software is a tool to analyze hyperspectral data, create a Partial-Least Squares (PLS) calibration or  a Science-Based Calibration (SBC), and use the calibration to predict  new data. The Calibration Software was designed for near-infrared  hyperspectral measurements of pharmaceutical powers, but can also be  used for other applications

Hyperspectral Imaging Visualizations

This hyperspectral imaging software provides tools for visualizing the three dimensional hyperspectral data. Each image is displayed as a pseudo- RGB. When the user clicks on a point in the image, the associated spectrum is displayed - either in raw intensity units or absorbance - depending on the chosen selection.


hyperspectral imaging software The user creates a calibration by importing images of known pure materials, powder blends, and/or single-point spectra. The user enters the nominal concentration for the sample images and also imports reference images. Pre-processing options (wavelength selection, SNV correction, and derivatives) may be applied. With SBC, the user may view additional information about the calibration, such as response spectra, b-vectors, and the cross sensitivity between analytes.


hyperspectral imaging software The calibration may be used to predict hyperspectral images. A composition map is calculated for each component, and the user can interactively view the cross-profiles by selecting a point in the prediction image. Other tools, such as averaging and zooming in/out on the prediction image, are also available.

System Requirements

Supported operating systems
MS Windows XP/7, 32- & 64-bit
Intel or AMD dual-core CPU
(quad-core CPU recommended)
System memory recommendations
4 GB RAM, 32-bit OS
4 GB RAM, 64-bit OS
4 GB free hard drive space
1150 x 800 or larger screen resolution
Microsoft Excel is recommended

For more information, contact our software engineers.

Ordering Information
Part numberDescription
MRC-930-009 Hyperspectral Calibration and Analysis Software

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