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Evince Image

Evince Image is a multivariate image analysis software used to process large amounts of data in hyperspectral images. Many visualization types of both raw and processed data are available as analysis tools. The interactive graphical user interface allows for selection of spatial or spectral data while actively highlighting the corresponding data between all data and plots.  This allows the user to discover interesting correlations in an efficient way and export state-of-the-art graphics to reports and presentations.


  • Standard Analysis Calculations
    • Spectral derivatives
    • Multiple scatter correction
    • Standard normal variate correction (SNV)
    • Savitzky-Golay correction
  • Data Processing
    • Detection of important wavelength ranges
    • “Crop” spatial data and exclude spectral data or wavelengths from models and plots
    • Background removal with spectral segmentation
    • Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Model
    • Partial Least Squares (PLS) Model
    • Partial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis (PLS-DA)
    • Drag-and-drop method available for creating visualizations and tables
    • Create and save models for use in external prediction calibrations
  • Visualizations
    • RGB Image display
    • Scatter 2D and 3D plots
    • Contour 2D and 3D plots
    • Model plots
    • Spectral plots


Product Sheet

Additional information and system requirements can be found in the Evince Image Product Sheet.


Evince Image Ordering Information
Part numberDescriptionProduct Name
MRC-930-001 Evince Image Multivariate Analysis Software Evince

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