_sisuROCK.jpgSisuROCK is a turnkey automatic, hyperspectral imaging system developed by Specim Ltd. for large and heavy samples such as minerals and drill core samples. A vital production tool in the mining industry, the SisuROCK is also a useful resource for geological analysis and research applications. The versatile geology imaging system is capable of both highresolution imaging of a single drill core sample, as well as high speed scanning of a whole core box. Combining high speed push-broom hyperspectral cameras, sample illumination units, and data logging computers into one comprehensive system, the SisuROCK brings simplicity to all aspects of production, research and analysis.

There is no need for sample preparation with the SisuROCK. Hyperspectral measurements can be performed directly on the drill core samples in their original containers at the high speeds required by large industrial projects and explorations. SisuROCK produces high spatial resolution hyperspectral images with optimal structural detail and accurate mineral discrimination. After measuring the drill core samples, the results can be used to re-direct mining operations, thus reducing exploratory mining and mineral waste, saving both time and money.

The SisuROCK includes built-in calibration measurements, including a dark reference and a reference image from a known reflectance target. The raw data collected by the cameras can easily be converted into independent absorbance or reflectance data that includes the distinctive signature of each mineral. Flexible data files allow inclusion of additional data such as details about core depth, box, mine and other relevant information to enhance file organization.

Camera Options

Standard camera choices for SisuROCK include SWIR, SWIR/VNIR and SWIR/RGB. The SWIR cameras are most commonly used for geological analysis, to capture the spectral range of numerous mineral signatures. For specific performance specifications, please refer to the table on the following page.

The VNIR camera provides continuous hyperspectral information in the 400-1000 nm range. In addition to the hyperspectral data provided by the VNIR camera, the RGB camera is typically used to obtain textural information about a sample. The RGB camera produces high resolution color images with 4000 spatial pixel resolution.

Other camera options and combinations are also possible. Some mineral samples can be differentiated using the LWIR camera in the 8-12 μm region. Due to the special illumination needs of the LWIR camera, this option may require a different stage than the SWIR/ VNIR/RGB camera towers.

For more information, please contact our application engineers.

SisuROCK Specifications

Spectral Range 1000 - 2500 nm 400 - 1000 nm N/A
Number of spectral bands 256 approx. 105 3
Pixel size o target * HR: 0.2 mm
HS: 2.0 mm
HR: 0.08 mm
HS: 0.8 mm
HR: 0.016 mm
HS: 0.16 mm
Number of pixels/image line 320 800 4000
Scan rate * HR: 20 mm/s
HS: 200mm/s
HR: 8 mm/s
HS: 80mm/s
HR: 20mm/s
HS: 200mm/s
Scan time for single core box** 15 s 25 s 15 s
Instrument calibration Spectrally calibrated data
White balance
Max sample size 1500 x 640 x 300 mm (L x W x T), 50kg
Cooling Requirements No external cooling required. Air conditioned room recommended.
Operating conditions Laboratory type environment. Small amount of dust accepted.
Operating temperature 0 to 40 degrees C, non-condensing
Operating voltage BIL file format, ENVI/Evince compatible
* HR stands for high resolution mode for single core box measurement.
HS standards for high speed mode for single core box measurement.
** 1.5 m long core box. Including calibration measurements.
SisuROCK Ordering Information
Part numberDescriptionProduct Name
MRC-315-004-01 SisuROCK™ SWIR Geological/Mineral HSI Test Station SisuROCK SWIR
MRC-315-004-02 SisuROCK™ SWIR/VNIR Geological/Mineral HSI Test Station SisuROCK SWIR/VNIR
MRC-315-004-03 SisuROCK™ SWIR/RGB Geological/Mineral HSI Test Station SisuROCK SWIR/RGB

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