The SisuCHEMA system from Specim Ltd. is a complete, ready to use chemical imaging workstation. SisuCHEMA merges SWIR, NIR or VNIR spectroscopy with high resolution imaging to provide multi-faceted information on chemical constituents, quantities and spatial distribution. This system includes pre-installed data acquisition and processing software, a moving sample tray and illumination. SisuCHEMA contains a built-in white reference and a built-in focusing target. More detailed information on SisuCHEMA components is available in the components sections.

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The SisuCHEMA uses a push-broom hyperspectral high speed line camera. It obtains and assembles the image and wavelength information line-by-line from the sample on a computer controlled moving stage. The same hyperspectral technology, using the same cameras and similar light sources, can apply to online process monitoring or other applications where samples are in continuous motion, as in most manufacturing processes. The SisuCHEMA also serves as a feasibility system to explore the potential use of hyperspectral imaging in the process.


A unique feature of the SisuCHEMA is a light-tothroughput ratio that is 10 to 20 times higher than any other acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF) or liquid-crystal tunable filter (LCTF) based staring array imager. The result is significantly higher speed imaging under analogous illumination conditions.

Unlike other systems, the samples move beneath the camera, thus, the SisuCHEMA only requires line illumination on the sample. The sample movement combined with line illumination provides considerable reduction in the heat load to the sample, avoiding sample damage. This contrasts with staring array systems, in which the entire sample must be illuminated throughout the entire measurement.


All SisuCHEMA systems consist of a high-performance hyperspectral camera and a computer-controlled hyperspectral scanner stage with sample height adjustment. The camera height itself is also adjustable to accommodate different lenses and to capture a narrower or wider line using the same field-of-view lens. The system comes complete with: • High-performance hyperspectral lens set • Optimized line-illumination source • Integrated computer and control module • Camera controller, ChemaDAQ™ data collection software • Optional Evince Image™ processing chemometric software • Built-in focusing grid and automated referencing • Optional Validation System

Equipment Validation

Pharmaceutical and other regulated industries require equipment validation. The SisuCHEMA Validation System includes the necessary standards, software components to perform the IQ/OQ/PQ evaluations and the required documentation for proper validation of the complete system.

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Characteristics VNIR NIR SWIR
Operation Mode High speed push-broom hyperspectral
Spectral Range 400-1000nm 900-1700nm 1000-2500nm
Spectral sampling / pixel 0.78 - 6.27 nm 4 nm 6.3 nm
Spectral resolution FWHM 2.8nm 6 nm 10 nm
# spatial pixels / line 1312 320 384
Pixel size on sample 38-152 μm 30-600  μm 24-600  μm
Field of view on sample 50-200 mm 10-200 mm
Scanning rate 100 hyperspectral line images/ s (max), corresponding to - 3 mm/s with 30 micron pixel - 30 mm/s with 300 micron pixel - 60 mm/s with 600 micron pixel
Typical scanning time < 7 s for single 320 x 320 pixel image capture with 256 spectral bands
Illumination Specim's diffuse line illumination
Data format BIL file format, Breeze and ENVI compatible
Instrument calibration Instrument is delivered with spectral calibration. Image data is automatically calibrated to reflectance by measuring an internal standard reference target before each sample scan.
SisuCHEMA Ordering Information
Part numberDescription
MRC-315-001-02 SisuCHEMA™ XL - SWIR complete imaging system
MRC-315-002-02 SiuCHEMA™ XL - NIR complete imaging system
MRC-315-003-02 SisuCHEMA™ XL - VNIR complete imaging system
MRC-315-005-07 SisuCHEMA™ Validation package including: 2 days training, Calibrated and certified standard set (MRC-910-HSI-VAL), IQ/OQ/PQ documentation, Software tools for validation protocol

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