Field Deployable Hyperspectral Systems

The field deployable hyperspectral systems is ideal for outdoor measurements that scan objects along the horizon, such as crops or rock formations. The system includes a heavy-duty pan and tilt module that can hold one or two hyperspectral cameras (VIS, VNIR, NIR, or SWIR) with appropriate mounting brackets, a heavy duty tripod, a rechargeable battery pack, and all other necessary components for out door measurements. 

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With the dual-camera configuration, synchronous measurements covering two full wavelength regions are possible. The dedicated computer system is equipped with software that controls the scanner movement and camera data collection.

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Field Deployable Hyperspectral Systems Product Sheet

Additional information and system requirements can be found in the Field Deployable Hyperspectral Systems Product Sheet.


Minimum scan speed 0.0075 degrees per second
Scanning resolution 0.0075 degrees per step
Range of vertical tilt -30 to 30 degrees
Range of horizontal pan -90 to 90 degrees
Battery 30 Ah
Weight for Example Dual Camera System
Heavy duty tripod 110lb 16.3 pounds
3 backpacks < 50 pounds each
Overall dimensions
Pan/Tilt module 12.5 x 7.5 x 22.3 in. with side brackets, 12.5 x 7.5 x 8.3 in. without the side brackets 
Heavy duty tripod 44lb Closed length: 41 inches
Heavy duty tripod 110lb Closed length: 39 inches
Tripod height adjustability
Heavy duty tripod 44lb 18 - 105 inches
Heavy duty tripod 110lb 29 - 58 inches
Field Deployable Systems Ordering Information
Part numberDescription
MRC-920-038 Field Deployable Hyperspectral SWIR System
MRC-920-039 Field Deployable Hyperspectral VNIR System
MRC-999-058 Field-Deployable Dual Camera Hyperspectral Imaging System (SWIR & VNIR cameras)

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