Halogen Line Light Sources


Line Light Source Specifications

  • Recommended for 400 - 2500 nm applications
  • 4 ,6 or 13 evenly spaced uniform illumination MR16 halogen bulbs
  • External power supply and fan cooling
  • Either 115 or 230 VAC (please specify)
  • 150, 300, or 450 W
  • Customized lengths/number of lights available

The line light source specified in here is modular and can be manufactured to several different lengths based on the size of the sample area. Please call for other lengths or to discuss different arrangements and types of lamps.

Specim Halogen Line Light.png

Dual-Sided Line Lights (Custom)

A unique low power, dual-sided line light offered by Specim Ltd., evenly illuminates a target line from both sides while the camera and lens view the target through the center of the line light. The line light can be configured with either a narrow or broad illumination line depending on the application. A narrow illumination line is better suited for illuminating flat samples, while a broad illumination line should be used for samples with a rough surface. These illumination sources are custom, so please contact Middleton Spectral Vision to discuss the details.

SpecificationsNarrow LineBroad Line
Passline Variation)   2% (+/- 2mm) ~5% (+/- 30 mm)
Line Width 10 mm 60 mm
Line Length Application Dependent   Application Dependent  
Suitable Sample Type   Flat Rough
Halogen Line Light Source Ordering Information
Part numberDescriptionProduct Name
MRC-920-010 12” 3 x 35 W Halogen Light Source, built-in 150 W power supply and cooling HLL/3/150C
MRC-920-012 25” 7 x 35 W Halogen Light Source, built-in 300 W power supply and cooling HLL/7/300C
MRC-920-014 36” 11 x 35 W Halogen Light Source, built-in 450 W power supply and cooling HLL/11/450C

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